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Kateld23 7 days ago

Butternut Squash

First, so psyched they are open all year ...I work on island once to 2x per month and love just sitting in the place, eating fresh prepared food waiting for my ride (well, boat) tried the avocado toast, butternut squash soup and some other lovely treats. something for everyone of all stripes! now my go to place and telling all co-workers when they visit. you guys rock:)

Joanne 21 days ago

Green Smoothie

So glad the Beet has added a Green Smoothie to there menu. Great Flavor.

Cheryl 28 days ago

Rocking the Casbah

Full of flavor and a healthy portion! So nice to have a healthy option in town, especially being a vegetarian! Have been back twice and will keep going!

Nantucket about 1 month ago

Avocado Toast

I stopped by to grab something fast to take back to work at 21 Broad around the corner and I picked up the Avocado Toast. This was such a perfect lunch to have as it is super tasty and is way more healthy then grabbing a burger in town. The toast was nice and crunchy with the spread and sliced avocado on too. To me the best part was the sun-dried tomatoes which added a wonderful finish to the toast. The Beet is always a great place to grab something in downtown ACK!

Jlme about 2 months ago

Avocado Toast

Wonderful. My friends had the Hulk and the After Tequila Sunrise Bowl. All 3 were absolutely delicious.

Nouel87 2 months ago

The Breakfast Club

This is easily the most scrumptious breakfast sandwich on island. Every time I find myself downtown early morning it isn't even a question - I grab The Breakfast Club. It is savory and sweet in all the right ways, and I find myself craving it often.

Martinlanigan3 3 months ago

Smoked Chili Duck Wings

Off the charts! Needs to be experienced !

Lee S 3 months ago

Kung Fu Fighter

The best salad ever! Super delicious.

Sharon 3 months ago

Chicken Burger

omg! This chicken burger is heaven on a bun. It is such a great combination of delicious and unique flavors! I am a foodie and cook at home but I have never had such a delicious chicken sandwich - a must try!

Maryellen 3 months ago

Chicken Burger

Super delicious. Quality fresh ingredients and great that there is a gluten free bun option. Great knowledgeable service!

Boat 3 months ago

Brioche Beignets

So, last Tuesday night, my husband and I were strolling downtown in search of something "sweet". I knew I had seen beignets on one of the menus in the Nantucket Restaurant Guide. (We are new to the island, so not familiar with everything Yet) But I couldn't remember where. So we just happened to be walking by the Beet and stopped to look at menu. Yay!!!!!! There they are, Beignets!!!!! They were hot, fresh, made to order!! They were Delicious!! Only disappointment was when they were all Gone..........We will definitely be back!! Thank you so much for having that amazing treat!

Magnumvi 3 months ago

After Tequila Sunrise Bowl

Where to begin?? This dish is perfect when you need a heartier breakfast or looking for a solid brunch staple. Love the flavors, the portion size is perfect, and it's healthy!

Cris072577 4 months ago


I am a Filipino and I loved it! The food was delicious! Very true and authentic to the Pinoy taste... I also got the lechon and it was perfect! Can't wait to try all your other dishes...

Chelscann 4 months ago

Lechon Kawali

Your food is Incredible! Who would've thought a bunch of fisherman would find they're favorites dishes at a place called "the Beet" haha. The boys couldn't get enough of your duck wing appetizer, lechon, sweet plantains, vegetable stir fry. In addition to how delicious breakfast was every time we went in, the beet strawberry shrub juice was a favorite of mine, avocado toast..... I think literally everything is amazing on the menu. It catered to my vegan lifestyle as well as hungry men and their love for meat. After we found this restaurant, we went here everyday until we headed back south with the boat. Great service, amazing owner and Chef, and the restaurant itself is very welcoming and comfortable to dine in. We will be back! Thanks again

Caraseal 4 months ago

Kung Fu Fighter

The Kung Fu Fighter is fresh, delicious, and substantially size salad. I would highly recommend this salad as it is flavorful and dressed perfectly. This salad has Napa cabbage, romaine, red cabbage, hoisin chicken, edamame, jicama, radish, peas, cilantro and scallions, with crispy wontons, all topped with sesame ginger soy dressing that is absolutely amazing!

Charnsophie 4 months ago

Smoked Chili Duck Wings

Run don't walk to this delightful and inviting spot with the most fabulous fresh and delicious food. Had the wings as a starter for dinner and they were incredible. Flavor is rich and sweet; they are a must.

Jmw01886 4 months ago

Smoked Salmon

I had the Smoked Salmon dish together with the Good Morning Bowl as my Brunch after eating dinner at The Beet the night before (loved it that much!). The more salty flavors of the Salmon with cream cheese, tomatoes, onion, cucumbers, and capers were a nice contrast to the sweetness of the breakfast fruit bowl. We have found our new favorite Breakfast / Lunch place in Nantucket!! Jeff and Mary

Jmw01886 4 months ago

The Hokey Pokey

The Hokey Pokey Bowl was just one of the wonderful dishes we tried for dinner (along with others!) and my wife and I loved sharing it! The Ahi tuna, sesame, brown rice, quinoa, spinach & seaweed saladcombined flavors of the carrots, celery, scallions, mushrooms, bagoong and the seasoning was fantastic. The glass noodles had a nice consistency, with the dish being bright and packed with flavor. It will be a dish we will come back for!

Mjhscarlett 4 months ago

Chicken Adobo

This meal was phenomenal in both both flavor and price! An extremely affordable and delicious option. The chicken was tender and smoky and the vegetables were fresh and flavorful. I am a big fan of the flavor the cilantro added but it is on the stem, so if you don't like cilantro it is super easy to avoid. 5 stars!

Michelle 16 days ago


Our entire dinner from start to finish was delicious! Thank you!

Ethan 26 days ago

The Breakfast Club

Best breakfast sammie in all of downtown.

Yoana about 1 month ago

Avocado Toast

So delicious Avocado Toast 🥑 I love their salads !!! Super nutritious and flavorful.

Leahkcabral about 1 month ago

The Beet Goes On

This salad is worth every penny. It is jam packed with delicious beets, which I must say were cooked perfectly, quinoa, pomegranate seeds, kale, delicata squash, romaine, and goat cheese. It was huge and super filling. So glad there is a yearround place to eat clean on the island!

Maryackz 2 months ago

Kung Fu Fighter

Perfectly balanced salad with hoisin chicken and a variety of fun stuff. Awesome ginger soy dressing.

Cgolding1 2 months ago

Smoked Chili Duck Wings

These were scrumptious—sweet but not cloying, spicy but not overpowering, tender, delicious!

A 3 months ago

Chicken Burger

This is the best chicken burger I have ever had. It's so juicy and fresh. The potato bun is nice. Very simple and delicious. I am happy that I discovered this pretty healthy burger option.

Nancyknits 3 months ago

Brioche Beignets

Warm & melt in your mouth delicious! The portion is also quite generous. Definitely will order again when I'm feeling self indulgent or in need of a warm, comforting treat.

Maryellen 3 months ago

The Breakfast Club

Fresh, clean take on an egg sandwich. Super accommodating as I get egg whites and a gluten free bun. Delicious!

Cooneykel 3 months ago

Kung Fu Fighter

This is a delectable dish..crunchy lettuce, edamame, other healthy tidbits, wonton strips with minced chicken in Hoisin sauce! pair with Beet limeade!

David 3 months ago

Kung Fu Fighter

Delicious HUGE salad with an addictive crunch and tons of chicken. It is enough for 2 meals. Be warned the chicken is marinated in a sweet sauce and the dressing is also very sweet. Be warned: this is not a salad for someone on a low carb diet.

Brent 3 months ago

The Beet Goes On

Actually I've had a lot of these dishes and they are all fantastic - fresh, healthy, high quality and easy to order online. And dinner is the best! A wonderful addition to the ack food scene

Lisalothian 4 months ago

Smoked Salmon

By far, best Lox and CC on a bagel I've ever had. I think about it all the time!!! The staff is so friendly and helpful! It is a joy whenever I walk through the door!!! Such a great addition to the ACK food scene. Want to try the Filipino food for dinner one of these nights.

Mullallyland 4 months ago


Best meal I have had on Nantucket for a long time. Service was excellent with a thorough run down of the menu from the lovely wait staff. Food was delicious and they serve a lovely sparkling Rose. I've been back since ( Veggie stir fry also delicious)and I have been sending everyone your way.

Perfect0ne23 4 months ago

Chicken Adobo

Finally a restaurant on Nantucket with Filipino dishes. Definitely does not disappoint. The chicken adobo is amazing and so flavorful. Definitely something you want to try!

Annaogden01 4 months ago

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is legitimately the breakfast sandwich of my dreams made reality! The combo of amazing bread, out of this world bacon and a delicious aioli makes this egg sandwich my favorite of all time! Thank you for creating this!!

Jmw01886 4 months ago

Good Morning Bowl

Oh my goodness! This breakfast bowl was absolutely beautiful in it's presentation and the combination of the yogurt, granola, assorted berries, and honey was so refreshing and delicious. The mint was a wonderful accent to the dish. Loved it! Jeff & Mary

Jmw01886 4 months ago


We come to Nantucket annually and have eaten in many restaurants across the islander the years. So many menus look essentially the same, but The Beet proved to be a wonderfully-refreshing change and a great dining experience. Amy (owner) was so friendly and informative regarding the menu and her recommendations were spot on! Just recently opening their restaurant for dinner service is a real bonus for Nantucket dining! The Sotanghon was just one of the dishes we tried for dinner and my wife was in for a real treat! The combined flavors of the carrots, celery, scallions, mushrooms, bagoong and the seasoning was fantastic. The glass noodles had a nice consistency, with the dish being bright and packed with flavor. It will be a dish we will come back for! Jeff & Mary


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